What After Life?

What After Life?

This will be another class facilitated by parishioner Jesse Warr and occasionally co-presented by class participants. The focus this time will be on what really happens after we die? Is it The End or The Beginning? From the perspective of our Anglican tradition.  From the perspectives of other belief systems--Mormon, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Taoist, Roman Catholic. Karma, nirvana, purgatory..what do they mean? Do you believe in ghosts, psychics, communication with the departed? Are they to be feared or encouraged? Do animals have an eternal soul…most or just those we love? What are the implications for cloning?

How might our current personal priorities (“bucket list”?) change if we are more clear and certain about what we believe about the Afterlife? Participants may be encouraged to draft their own eulogy. We may bring in: the Japanese film “Departures” (which won Best Foreign Language Film of the Year in 2009); David Engleman’s “Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives”; Harvard president Gilpin-Faust’s “Death and the Civil War”; or a reading that you suggest.

If you want to explore these issues in a circle of your peers, in a quest for spiritual truths, join us. And let Jesse know: jwarr3@gmail.com



Wednesday, 6:15-8, for 4 or 5 weeks, here at St. John’s,

beginning January 22.