Oakland Marathon 2014 - St. John's Cheer Station 3/23/14

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THE OAKLAND MARATHON RETURNS SUNDAY, MARCH 23: The course will come through Montclair once again with runners along Mountain cutting off access to Thornhill from 8:00am to 10:00am.  

Oakland Marathon Cheer Station
Location:  Fernwood & Mountain Blvd.
Time:  8:10 AM till 9:55 AM on March 23rd
The Welcoming Committee is again supporting the Oakland marathon by having a cheering station.  Please consider joining us on Sunday, March 23rd.
Simple Instructions: Cheer and have fun!  Anything you can do that is fun for you and the runners is appreciated.  Please do not block the course as last thing we want is for anybody to get injured.  We would like to advise no dogs either.

Notes from the race organizers:
- Cheering/Fun:  Cheer, cheer and cheer some more!  Runners will take every bit of positive motivation they can get.  In between songs and breaks, please use phrases like "Great Job", "Your doing great", "Keep it up", "You're looking strong" or my favorite "Your Rock"!   Do Not Use the Terms "Almost there" or "Almost done"!  And please promote your group!
- PERSONAL FAVOR:  I run a non-profit called Running for a Better Oakland (RBO).  There will be over 350 bright yellow RBO shirts on our Oakland kids running in this event.  If you could please give an RBO shout out to those kids when you see them it would be greatly appreciated!
- Weather:  Dress for the weather as this is a rain or shine event!!  If you have a tent that is great for sunny and raining days.
- Last thoughts:  A beautiful course or easy run does not make a great marathon.  Your group and the people of Oakland is what makes this event stand out above all others.  This is our chance to show how great the City of Oakland is to over 10,000 total runners plus their families etc.  For the runner this can be a stressful time as they are running a distance that they have trained very hard for over the last couple of months.  Even if a runner does not show appreciation at the time, keep a great attitude with every runner you see as in the end the results will come back positive!

Directions on how to get to St. John's:

To turn onto Thornhill, you will need to approach Thornhill from the south side of Montclair Village on Mountain Blvd.  (Please see our website for more details.) 


From the Piedmont side of Highway 13: Take Moraga and head up toward Highway 13. Take Highway 13 southbound, exit at Joaquin Miller/Lincoln, left over 13, left on Mountain to return through Montclair Village, take a right on Thornhill.  Note: Park Blvd. will be closed to through traffic past Estates due to runners crossing at Trafalgar at the top of Park Blvd.


From north of Shepherd Canyon:

Come down Shepherd Canyon or Snake, take a right on Mountain through Montclair Village, and take a right on Thornhill.


For full marathon details and complete city detours: www.oaklandmarathon.com