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Community Gathering

Members of St. John's are invited to join one of the "Community Gatherings" that are scheduled throughout October. Use the link below to sign up!

St. John's Community Gatherings Sign Up Form

WE ARE St. John's

The vision of St. John's is printed each Sunday in the worship bulletin and it is printed in each issue of the Church Mouse. To quote this vision in its entirety, "The vision of St. John's is to manifest God's love through invitation, inclusion, faith, and action." The following is my contribution, as a parishioner, about the first two words of the vision, namely, "invitation" and "inclusion."

As a member of St. John's , I would like to personally INVITE you to attend one of the "Community Gatherings" that are scheduled to take place between October 6th – October 30th. Not only have parishioners opened their homes for these gatherings but they have also graciously offered hospitality by providing a variety of refreshments from afternoon tea, heavy appetizers, to coffee and dessert. The gathering that I attended last year served a most yummy soup! To sign up for one of these "Community Gatherings" can be done either on-line or via a clipboard in the narthex.

This year these gatherings offer participants an opportunity to chat with other members, in depth. "Getting to know you" as the song goes, is the hope of each gathering!

You may ask, "Why these gatherings?" By way of an answer I would say, "As we have driven in and out of the parking lot for the past year, we have seen pictures of parishioners on a banner with the words, "I am St. John's." After a stirring sermon about community by the rector one Sunday morning, I commented to Scott+ on my way out that I agreed with what he had said and since community is expressed with "we" and not "I," it would be" INCLUSIVE" to describe the community of St. John's as, 'WE ARE St. John's!'"

Planners for these community gatherings believe in and are working on the second word of the vision, "INCLUSION." Planners and hosts for these gatherings urge you, as do I, to try your best to attend. Planners and hosts want you to be included; they hope you feel included. As Mary Lim Lampe wrote in favor of community gatherings, she said, "These are "Comm-You-Nity Gatherings." I would add that YOU are important as a member of the community of St. John's! Your presence is valued.

Let's talk about how "WE ARE St. John's!" Let's share stories of what makes St. John's a community, a community that includes you!

Fran Toy+