I Am St. John’s! Pledge Drive 2015

I am St. John's

Each of us brings something unique to St. John's and we all have our own St. John's story. What's yours?

Join a fun and lively conversation by signing up to attend a cottage meeting at church or in the home of a fellow parishioner. At these small gatherings we'll share food and fellowship as we reflect upon our own spiritual journeys, our personal relationship to giving and our unique contributions to our special church community. Let's have someone from every St. John's family at one of these events!

Please encourage your St. John's friends to come. Sign-ups will also be posted in the Narthex or parishioners can call Victoria Robinson, Pledge Drive Chair, at 916-801-6113.

Visit the online signup page to choose a meeting to attend in October.

Attention All Cottage Meeting Hosts, Facilitators and Helpers!

Mark your calendars! The Pledge Drive Trainings have been scheduled. We are offering two, to make it easier for everyone to attend one. Please visit the training session signup page to choose your sessions. Sign ups will also be posted in the Narthex by mid September.  We look forward to seeing each of you there!